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20 Minutes in the Word with Dr. Denise

Why Do Most Christians Neglect Prayer:

Studies show that the average Christian prays less than two minutes per day. God constantly invites us to fellowship with Him but many are struggling through the disappointment of unanswered prayers. Dr. Denise unpacks in this three-part prayer series why most Christians have a hard time making prayer a priority and how in 2021 you can have a vibrant active prayer life.

What It Takes To Have Your Prayers Answered:

3-part series. God not only welcomes us in prayer, but He is also waiting for us to pray. Dr. Denise discusses eight conditions that Scripture gives us for approaching God in prayer in a way that will bring answers.

Listen to God's Wisdom:

Proverbs 1 - Everyone is in need of the wisdom of God. It is so important that the Bible calls it the principal thing. No matter how much knowledge one has it means nothing without wisdom. Find out how to get your thinking right so you can get your life right!

Proverbs 2 - The book of Proverbs will change your life! Wisdom and common sense go hand-in-hand.  How common is common sense?

Twenty Minutes in the Word is impactful Bible-teaching for everyone, especially for today's young people. Jesus declared that the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him!  Dr. Denise teaches you how the same Spirit is also upon you and in you. The Holy Spirit's role in every Believer's life is essential in this day and time.

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